Early Childhood Education & Therapy

Located in St. Louis, Good Shepherd School for Children is a local, not-for-profit early childhood education and therapy center. We serve children with and without special needs, ages six weeks to six years, and up to age 18 in our therapy services. 


At Good Shepherd, we offer an inclusive environment where typically developing children and children with special needs learn, play and grow together.  We focus on reaching each child's developmental milestones and embrace the unique differences in each child. Each week, our classroom teachers create early learning lesson plans that promote healthy child development.

Our Mission

Good Shepherd School for Children is dedicated to providing quality inclusive education for children with special needs and typically developing children from ages six weeks to six years.  Exceptional learning and growth experiences are supplemented by therapeutic services as needed, up to age eighteen. 

Child care information

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1170 Timber Run Drive | St. Louis, MO 63146 | 314.469.0606