Our Mission

Good Shepherd School for Children is dedicated to providing quality inclusive education for children with special needs and typically developing children from ages six weeks to six years.  Exceptional learning and growth experiences are supplemented by therapeutic services as needed, up to age eighteen. 

Early Childhood Education & Therapy

Located in St. Louis County, Good Shepherd School for Children is a local, not-for-profit early childhood education and therapy center. We serve children with and without special needs, ages six weeks to six years, and up to age 18 in our therapy services. 


As a parent, you are seeking childcare that both nurtures and educates your child. With only 74 fulltime students enrolled, your child will receive lots of individual attention! (Most for-profit centers now handle 125-250 students).


Your child's teacher has a degree and has been at Good Shepherd for years. For example, the lead teachers and teaching assistants in the three preschool classrooms have 50+ years experience at Good Shepherd alone!


You will be also pleased with our reliability; we've only closed once in the past three winters!


Read more about what makes Good Shepherd the perfect choice for your child in our childcare section.

1170 Timber Run Drive | St. Louis, MO 63146 | 314.469.0606