Meet Our Teachers

Miss Erma teaches our youngest infants in the Precious Panda classroom


Join Good Shepherd in

August 2015



Working on bachelor of education in early childhood.


What I enjoy most about working with children:

I love watching children grow, learn and excel. They are beautiful and innocent and a wonderful gift from God to have in my life. They make life worth living.

Miss Vicki teaches the older infants (Bitty Bears)


Joined Good Shepherd in:

August, 2013



Will receive bachelor degree in early childhood education in June, 2017.


What I like most about working with children:

I enjoy the little smiles when they are learning. It really makes my day when I know they are learning something new. I love that!

Miss Lora teaches the Young Toddles


Education Background: BA in Psychology


Began teaching at Good Shepherd in: July, 2015


How do you address the emotional, social and academic needs of your students?


This age is the "it's mine" group of thinkers, sharing does not come naturally, in order to meet the emotional needs of this age group I will assist them in navigating the tricky waters of friendship, takings turns, sharing, and being part of a group. To enhance the children's social needs I will facilitate social interactions during circle time, center time/free choice, physical development and other social opportunities to assist them in forming positive social interactions with others. Learning and academics will be addressed by allowing the children to engage in activities that involve seeing, listening and doing. We will participate in art by working with crayons, markers, fingers, brushes, etc. to assist with pre-writing and creative thinking. We will work with puzzles to enhance fine motor, cause and effect and critically thinking skills. We will read books, look, talk and sing about letters to learn pre-reading skills. Language skills will continually be addressed through reading, talking and singing. Physical development will be developed during outdoor/playroom time where children will learn to climb, run, jump, push, ride, and slide. Children will also participate in music and movement activities to assist with physical development skills. Lots of repetition will occur as this is key to our learning to master skills at this age. 


"What I love most about teaching, is how children's sense of wonder leads to them learning and growing. It's the look of excitement when they learn something new, the light comes on and you see that moment of WOW in their eyes." 

Miss Debbie teaches the Older Toddlers


Education Background: Childhood Development Credential


Began teaching at Good Shepherd in: 2012

How do you address the emotional, social and academic needs of your students?

"In our class, children do not have the words to express how they feel. We try to help them learn emotions through songs and different exercises. In our class, we plan different activities that the children work and play together. We try to create a class that children can learn on different skill levels."


“My highlight is working with the children. It is a challenge working with 2 year olds but I love my job!”

Miss Olivia teaches the Twos and Young Threes


Education Background: Associates Degree in Art, currently working on her Bachelor degree.


Began teaching at Good Shepherd in: 2006


How do you address the emotional, social and academic needs of your students?

"I read books about different emotions with the children and discuss their feelings.  Children like to know they have boundaries but they also like to know they can make decisions for themselves.  I ask the children questions about their emotions and give them room to choose positive actions in which they can express those emotions.  I give each child positive reinforcement to help him or her feel good about making good choices.  I incorporate colors, numbers, letters, appropriate social interaction, and other academic material into each activity and into general discussions with the children."


“The best part of my job is seeing the look or sheer joy on a child's face when they have accomplished something they are proud of; an art piece, learning a new skill, or helping a friend."

Miss Mary Pat teaches three- and four-year olds in the Zebra classroom.


Joined Good Shepherd:

May, 2015



Bachelor of Integrated Studies, Early Childhood Major



Miss Pam teaches four and five-year olds. These children will be entering kindergarten next fall.


Education Background: BS in Early Childhood with ECSE endorsements


Began teaching at Good Shepherd in: 2004


How do you address the emotional, social and academics needs of your students?
Lots of hugs and encouragements tailored to each child. Our room provides modeling and coaching in social situations such as sharing, turn taking and polite communication. We use thematic literacy units and a handwriting curriculum under the umbrella of creative curriculum to give a variety of learning opportunities that touch on reading, math, writing, social, science, art and motor skills.


"The biggest highlight is seeing the happy face of a child who is learning and making connections. The daily challenge is meeting the needs of a diverse group of children."