Meet Our Teachers

Miss Charlene cares for the Bitty Bears (oldest infants).


Joined Good Shepherd in:




Has cared for children since 1988


What I like best about working with children:

Their smiles and unconditional love

Miss Vicki teaches the Giraffes (youngest toddlers)


Joined Good Shepherd in:




Holds a bachelor degree in early childhood education.


What I like most about working with children:

I enjoy the little smiles when they are learning. It really makes my day when I know they are learning something new. I love that!

Miss Debbie teaches the Tigers (older toddlers)


Joined Good Shepherd in:



Education: Childhood Development Credentials. Has been teaching children since 1990.


How do you address the emotional, social and academic needs of your students?

"In our class, children do not have the words to express how they feel. We try to help them learn emotions through songs and different exercises. In our class, we plan different activities that the children work and play together. We try to create a class that children can learn on different skill levels."


“My highlight is working with the children. It is a challenge working with 2 year olds but I love my job!”

Miss Amber teaches the youngest preschoolers in the Monkey room.


Joined Good Shepherd in:




B.A. in Psychology; Working on masters in education.


What I enjoy most about working with children:

Children are the most inspiring people. They work so hard to accomplish something and they never give up! It's great once they accomplish a goal because it gives them the drive to do so much more. 

Miss Mary Pat teaches three- and four-year olds in the Zebra classroom.


Began teaching at Good Shepherd:




Bachelor of Integrated Studies, Early Childhood Major


What I enjoy most about working with children:

Seeing them understand the subject or activitiy on their own, and to see how happy they are!