Special Needs Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of donors and foundations, Good Shepherd offers therapy and/or childcare scholarships for special needs students from low-income familes. 

Scholarships depend on funding available at the time. A childcare scholarship does NOT include therapy services.


Scholarships are NOT available for typically developing children.


Application process includes:


  • Download and fill out below application
  • Sumbit completed application to goodshepherd@goodss.org
  • You will be notified within two weeks if scholarship funds are available



Scholarship Application 9-14.doc
Microsoft Word document [75.0 KB]

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Last year, Good Shepherd served 110 children with special needs. Every dollar spent on early intervention saves school districts and society $10-$16 in the future.


Eighty cents out of every dollar that you donate goes directly to services to support children.

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