Early Childhood Education & Therapy

To meet its mission of helping each child reach his or her full potential, Good Shepherd offers parents two options.


For parents of infants, toddlers or preschoolers, we offer care and education in a safe, loving setting for children who are both typically developing and those with special needs. Children can be 6 weeks until entry into kindergarten. With only 78 full-time students enrolled, your child will receive the individual attention he/she deserves.


At this time, Good Shepherd is at full capacity and not accepting any new enrollments or wait list. Our next openings are in June2024. Please check back on our website for updates on new enrollments.


For families seeking pediatric therapy (up to age 18), we offer individual therapy such as speech, occupational, physical, and developmental by our licensed therapists.


At the early learning center, up to thirty-three percent of children in each classroom can have special needs. These special needs can include the autistic spectrum, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, global developmental delays, and other disorders.


Each child benefits from having toddler and preschool teachers with a four-year degree that has been at Good Shepherd for years.


Last year, Good Shepherd served 131 children, 63 of whom had special needs. 


Interested primarily in therapy? Outpatient therapy is often covered by insurance, and our therapy team can help you navigate the maze of paperwork.


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