Serving Special Needs Children                in our Early Learning Center

In addition to the pediatric therapy that Good Shepherd provides within the community and on outpatient basis at our Creve Coeur center, we enroll up to 33% of special needs children in each of our classrooms. Supporting special needs children in a classroom setting provides not only for their educational needs but their social needs as well. Because Good Shepherd is an inclusive learning center, all children will experience the joy of playing together with other children whether they have special needs or are typically developing. Good Shepherd serves children with a variety of special needs including: physical disabilities, developmental delays, autistic spectrum disorder, social-emotional and behavior concerns, social skills and communication delays. 


Here are some of the benefits in choosing Good Shepherd for your special needs child:

  • Special Needs Coordinator--Pam, our in center coordinator, will advocate for your child by attending IFSP's for first steps and IEP's for your school district, as well as helping your family understand the maze of social and education systems to ensure the best opportunities are given to your child.
  • Experienced Teachers-- For children over age 2, our teacher-to-student ratio is always 1 teacher for every 6 children, allowing for any extra time or attention needed.
  • Supportive Environment--Every family that is part of Good Shepherd understands and is committed to our mission of an inclusive learning center. Your family will be welcomed and supported by families with special needs children as well as those who have typically developing children.


Unfortunately, because we do not have a nurse on staff, Good Shepherd is not able to support children with severe medical needs such as a tracheotomy, feeding tubes, catheters, etc. nor students who require a one-on-one shadow. 


Please note that therapy and child care cost are separate.


Contact Good Shepherd at (314) 469-0606 to schedule a tour.