Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Units!

Every quarter, Good Shepherd teaching staff does a schoolwide unit on STEM. Activities are adapted for the children's ages, and all but the youngest infants participate in some way, though most of the emphasis is for older toddlers and preschoolers.


For January, 2017, the theme is Polar Expedition!

Life Science: Caterpillars

to Butterflies!

In spring, 2016, classrooms raised caterpillars, which turned to chrysalis and then butterflies. On Butterfly Freedom day, the children wore the wings that they had decorated!

Engineering: Three Little Pigs

In summer, 2016, classrooms did an engineering unit based on the Three Little Pigs. Children built houses out of straw, twigs and bricks. We also had visits from an architect and structural engineer!

Technology: Robotics

Students made numerous projects involving robots, including the Pre-K class that tried programming a "robot" to make a sandwich--which turned out to be a lot harder than they thought! Giving the robot the exact instructions took lots of thought. We also had a visit by a grade-school robotics team so our children could see what they could do in just a few years!