Loving Care Beginning at 6 Weeks

Whether you are a first-time parent or an experienced one, you are entrusting us with the person you love most in life. An educated, stable staff is one of the reasons that Good Shepherd provides quality care for typically developing infants and those with special needs. 


Our caregivers are responsible and loving. Teachers provide weekly lesson plans because we know that learning begins at birth and your child is soaking up so many experiences. Our teachers sing to your infant and get down on the floor to play with him or her as well as make sure your child gets plenty of tummy time.


We follow the state ratio of one teacher for four infants. Our classrooms are limited to eight infants. (Over age 2, we offer a remarkable ratio of one teacher for every six children.)

A Parent Shares Her Experience

Luke is such a special baby. We picked GSS long before we knew about any of Luke's health concerns because of the warmth, compassion, organization, technology, and reputation. We had no idea what an ordeal we'd be going through above and beyond new parenthood during Luke's first couple months of life. His newborn heart surgery brought on medication requirements, physical limitations during recovery, challenges with eating, and risks related to his remaining congenital heart defect. We were so worried that upon communicating this news we would find ourselves without a willing and qualified option for infant care for our son. I was in tears after speaking with Mara, the director of early learning on the phone, and telling her about Luke's condition the first time because I couldn't believe how understanding, compassionate and optimistic she was.  It gave us so much confidence and faith that GSS was so willing to teach and care for our son, even with his medical condition. That faith and confidence in the competence and compassion at GSS has only strengthened in the last 8 weeks, and we are so excited to watch Luke continue to grow and thrive in school!


Miss Erma, Miss Charlene, Miss Abrea, and all the teachers who interact with Luke and us are fantastic. Since I am usually pick-up, I interact most with Miss Erma.  She is incredible. She is so attune to Luke's progress, needs, challenges, and accomplishments. Every day she takes extra care to talk to me about his growth and development, even asks questions about how things are going at home. She makes welcome suggestions when I ask for advice, and gladly adopts any adjustments we make to Luke's schedule or activity plan. Miss Abrea is usually there for pick-up as well, and I always appreciate how she will share anecdotes about Luke's day. They both even remembered when it was Kevin and my anniversary after I had mentioned it in passing some days earlier.  Luke loves them too, I can tell because even when I come to pick him up he is still smiling at them and telling them stories!  The couple times I have dropped Luke off in the morning with Miss Charlene, I can just tell they have a special connection, and it's the only reason I can stand to leave him and head to work : ). 


We love the Tadpoles app, and how thorough his teachers are about using it. The notification ring on my phone alerting that there is a new photo of Luke is now the best sound of my work day.  It is so helpful to read the details of his day, from how much he's eaten, slept, to what diapers he's had and what activities he's done. We read it every day.  We also share all of the pictures with Luke's grandparents, who love them all, too!


We are so impressed with Luke's classroom.  There are so many wonderful interactive toys and activities for the kids. Everything is so well organized, I have always felt confident that Luke was safe and clean and well attended to at school.  Using the app to inform us of supply needs is very helpful, also. Oh! And we love that Luke gets so much outside time under the gazebo.  We can tell at home that Luke loves to be outside, and we fully attribute it to his gazebo time at school! We appreciated the formal parent teacher conference, as well.

--Kristyn N.