Parents of Children with Special Needs

"I can't thank you enough for all you've done for our son and for us.  Starting with our tour of the school before he was born, you have been so supportive.  (I'm sure you remember the gazillions of questions I had, which you answered so patiently!) GSS and the children are blessed to have your wisdom, love and commitment! GSS ended up being the perfect place for our son to thrive.  The past two years especially, he has worked so hard with the help of you and your amazing team ( a big shout out to Pam!), and I know that he is well-prepared for Kindergarten.  It is simply wonderful to see!"



"Four years ago, we were blessed to find Good Shepherd, our son was in a facility that became an unsafe environment. 


We did not know at the time that he would be one of the special kids here to receive assistance. From your help in discovering his dairy allergy and working with us as we learned what he could and could not eat.  To the realization that his speech was delayed, and he needed help!  And finally, his diagnosis of ADHD and anxiety and all the extra time and work that was put in to get this diagnosis.  You, as his teachers and staff, have been there to love, support and encourage him.  We know he has been challenging at times, funny and goofy at others.  He has loved coming here from the beginning and he loves each of you with his big heart!


As his parents we want to let each of you know what you do matters so much in the life of these kids and their families.  We truly believe our son would not be ready for kindergarten and the big world challenges without each and every one of you."


-The K Family

"We picked GSS long before we knew about any of L.'s health concerns because of the warmth, compassion, organization, technology, and reputation. We had no idea what an ordeal we'd be going through above and beyond new parenthood during L.'s first couple months of life. His newborn heart surgery brought on medication requirements, physical limitations during recovery, challenges with eating, and risks related to his remaining congenital heart defect. We were so worried that upon communicating this news we would find ourselves without a willing and qualified option for infant care for our son. I was in tears after speaking with Mara, the director of early learning, on the phone, and telling her about L.'s condition the first time because I couldn't believe how understanding, compassionate and optimistic she was.  It gave us so much confidence and faith that GSS was so willing to teach and care for our son, even with his medical condition. That faith and confidence in the competence and compassion at GSS has only strengthened in the last 8 weeks, and we are so excited to watch L. continue to grow and thrive in school!


We are so impressed with L.'s classroom.  There are so many wonderful interactive toys and activities for the kids. Everything is so well organized, I have always felt confident that L. was safe and clean and well attended to at school.  Using the app to inform us of supply needs is very helpful, also. Oh! And we love that L. gets so much outside time under the gazebo.  We can tell at home that L. loves to be outside, and we fully attribute it to his gazebo time at school! We appreciated the formal parent teacher conference, as well."



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