Parents of Typically Developing Children

"Choosing Good Shepherd was one of the best decisions we have made for our son. From our first visit, we felt at ease with leaving our child in the caring hands of the educators here. Educating children here is truly a team effort. Every staff member that we encounter with our child greets him by name and knows some special detail about him.


From the classrooms to the offices, I can tell that each and every person who works at this school is invested in the education of my child and all of the children under their care. This investment shows in the great progress we have seen our son make in the time he has attended Good Shepherd.


From learning to communicate with sign language at only six months old to coming home counting in Spanish before he was two, our son’s learning has gone so far beyond what we had ever expected. Because of all of the learning that happens here, we rarely refer to it as “daycare.”


From day one, it was clear that this was more than just babysitting; Good Shepherd is a nurturing and enriching learning environment for children. We are so happy that we made this choice for our son and can’t wait to see the same kind of growth and development as we start our youngest at the school in the coming months."


-Jennifer B.

"Good Shepherd School for Children is a boutique child care facility. It is small in size; sees each child as an individual with individual needs; and provides partnership with parents to ensure each child reaches his full potential. 


Our enrollment in Good Shepherd School for Children has been one of the best decisions we have made regarding our children's development. As working parents, my husband and I laid out guidelines of what the ideal day care/pre-school would offer to our child. It included the foundational items that every parent wants for their child(ren) a safe environment with a low child to teacher ratio, where trusted caregivers provided love in a structured environment. 


After many site visits to other franchised daycare chain facilities, we agreed we wanted a better opportunity for our child(ren) that expanded beyond the foundational items. The opportunity we envisioned encompassed the idea of education and enrichment at every stage of development. 


We found Good Shepherd School for Children to be the ideal match that met all of our foundational needs plus, our desire for an educational approach. 


As a long-term member of Good Shepherd, I can attest the teachers on staff are dedicated to providing each child with the experiences and tools to aid in their education and development. They inspire creativity, and learning through play and structured activities. They recognize and praise a child when they have met a milestone, or mastered a new complex idea. 


My oldest son was solidly prepared for his entry into elementary school. He had such a strong foundation of language, math, science and social interactions because of his time at Good Shepherd School for Children that he transitioned to kindergarten without any concerns. 


I know Good Shepherd School for Children will be a valuable contributor to your child's long term development and education."


-Hilary M.

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